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3 Things Most People Do Not Know About the Laugh Factory

If you are a fan of the Laugh Factory, you are probably already aware of its many benefits and perks. But did you know that it is also home to some controversial acts? For example, the Laugh Factory recently made headlines when a comedian, Damon Wayans, used the n-word 16 times in his 20-minute set? As a result, Wayans was fined $320 for each offense and banned from performing at the Laugh Factory for three months.

Most comedians hone their stand-up skills in Chicago before leaping to New York or Los Angeles. And while most people have heard of the Laugh Factory, many people do not know the story of its founder, Jamie Masada. Masada is a pioneer and innovator in the comedy world and is responsible for launching the careers of some of the greatest comics today. He has been dubbed “the real king of comedy” by the New York Daily News. In addition, he is a renowned authority on comedy and is highly regarded by the power brokers in the entertainment industry.

Located just off Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, the Laugh Factory is a staple of the Los Angeles stand-up scene. Every night, long lines form outside the club to see big-name comedians and up-and-coming talent. The comedy club has a legendary stage where top comedians go to hone their skills. You will be surprised by the diversity of the acts at this club.

The Laugh Factory compiles some of the best stand-up comics in the city and gives them free rein. It is not politically correct, and the comedy here is frank and in-your-face. Laugh Factory shows feature extended sets of Chicago’s best stand-up, with a new lineup every week. A visit to the Laugh Factory is sure to be a memorable experience.

Laughter is an important emotion for human beings. Research suggests that laughter helps reduce stress and depression. It also helps boost self-esteem. Laughter is contagious. People who laugh regularly have better relationships. And if you don’t have a sense of humor, you can always learn it. The Laugh Factory encourages its members to share laughter and promote world peace.


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